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Hi! I’m Gill. I am a singer, performer and content creator on tiktok, youtube, instagram & linkedin. In 2019 I started creating content wanting to share my self love journey in the hope to inspire others. Little did I know that the internet would become my stage & the obsession with social media and content creation would take over. 


I was born and raised in Melbourne Australia. My parents met in the theatre and I was immersed in it from day one. Watching my dad write, direct & act. Anything from drama, to Shakespeare, to sketch comedy. I remember watching the actors rehearse, perform & learn lines. My dad was a perfectionist & if you were in one of his shows you had to be prepared to work. I would hangout backstage knowing that one day it would be my turn.


I pursued my passions for a little while but it started to become difficult in my 20s. Some failed auditions. Not knowing where I was headed or if it was even possible.


Nothing was falling in my lap. The dream got further and further away.


I gave up....

I stuffed myself into a corporate box working 9-5 and tried desperately to outsource my happiness, drinking, toxic relationships .... I hit rock bottom and was desperate to try anything that would get me living my full potential.

Enter self love inner work stage left!

My whole life changed. I built my confidence, I re-discovered my skills and found my purpose.


It took a lot of mental work and it is my mission to share it with as many people as possible. If I can change, anyone can!  

I share so much of this journey on my podcast. Check out Gill Chats to hear literally everything.

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